Pediatric Dental Space Maintainers in Orland Park, IL

Your child needs dental care, just like you and other adults do. Even though baby teeth are not permanent, proper care for them helps prevent future difficulties. If your child has lost a tooth early, they may need pediatric dental space maintainers.

Treasured Smiles Pediatric Dentistry offers comprehensive pediatric dental care, including dental space maintainers, for individuals in Orland Park, IL, and the surrounding area.

About Pediatric Dental Space Maintainers

Pediatric dental space maintainers keep space open in your child’s mouth so that permanent teeth can erupt and come into place. Early tooth loss in your child may not be a problem, but consult with a professional to be sure.

If early tooth loss is not addressed, other teeth can shift around in your child’s mouth. As their teeth shift and move around, your child may require future orthodontics. Proper timing for tooth loss is also helpful for the general development of your child’s teeth, jaw bones, and muscles.

We work with you to determine what option is best for your child. Our service is designed to care for your child and their oral health. We provide additional pediatric dental services so that whatever your child needs, we are here to help.

Pediatric Dental Space Maintainer Options

Our pediatric dentists provide both removable and fixed space maintainers. Removable space maintainers are less common in our pediatric services and bear a strong resemblance to a variety of orthodontic appliances. We use acrylic space maintainers that sometimes are simply an artificial tooth.

However, removable space maintainers can be more difficult for children to use and keep track of, so we often prefer to use fixed space maintainers in our pediatric dentistry. Our pediatric dentist uses many different varieties of fixed space maintainers. For example:

  • Distal Shoe
  • Band and loop
  • Lower Lingual Holding Arch
  • Nance Holding Arch
  • Unilateral

Consult with our dentist to determine the best space maintainers for your child.

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