Two Sets of Teeth

“My child’s permanent teeth are coming in behind her baby teeth.”

You can rest assure, this is not a dental emergency, but rather a normal process of growth and dental development. Often, the permanent tooth will appear behind the baby tooth even before the baby tooth is loose and ready to fall out. This condition most commonly occurs with the lower front teeth.

If the tooth is loose, it will probably fall out on its own. Sometimes, the coexisting tooth will actually help push the baby tooth out. As long as there is adequate space, the tongue will do a great job of pushing the permanent tooth into place.

Minor crowding of teeth is a very common part of dental development. If there is not enough space for the permanent teeth to move forward, then in time, growth might help create more space for the teeth. Even with all this help from Mother Nature, sometimes these teeth need a little intervention from us. Be sure to keep your child on a regular 6-month schedule for check-ups and hygiene care. This way we can evaluate the progress of erupting teeth. As always, please feel free to call our office with any concerns.



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