Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

Your teeth expand and contract in reaction to changes in temperature. Hot and cold food and beverages can cause pain or irritation to people with sensitive teeth. Over time, tooth enamel can be worn down, gums may recede or teeth may develop microscopic cracks, exposing the interior of the tooth and irritating nerve endings. Just breathing cold air can be painful for those with extremely sensitive teeth.

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Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Foods

·         Possible Ailment: If the sensitivity is only momentary, generally there is no larger problem. This sensitivity may be caused by minimal gum recession that has exposed the tooth root or possibly a loose filling.

·         Remedy: Use toothpaste for sensitive teeth and also use a soft-bristle toothbrush. Try brushing up and down as opposed to sideways, as this will wear down exposed tooth roots.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Foods after Dental Work

·         Possible Ailment: Sometimes dental treatments inflame the pulp inside the tooth, and this may cause temporary sensitivity.

·         Remedy: The sensitivity should go away on its own. If after four to six weeks it is still present, see your endodontist.

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