Mercury Fillings

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What are mercury fillings?

Traditional mercury fillings, or dental amalgam, is a combination of metals that is commonly used to fill cavities. Although mercury amalgam has been used in dentistry for the last 150 years, it frequently has its fair share of problems. For instance, the condition of amalgam fillings often worsens as they age, causing them to corrode and tarnish. Worn or broken fillings should be replaced by your child's dentist.

Are mercury fillings safe?

Over the years, several studies have raised some concerns regarding the safety of mercury in amalgam fillings. That being said, in 2009, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluated this body of research and concluded that amalgam fillings are safe for adults and children ages 6 and above.

It is also possible for an individual to have sensitivity or an allergic reaction to amalgam fillings. This issue can cause discomfort and swelling in the mouth and should be addressed by a dental expert. If mercury fillings are causing your child trouble, call Treasured Smiles Pediatric Dentistry today and schedule a consultation.

Mercury filling removal

Due to their metallic properties, mercury fillings don’t match the natural white color of human teeth. This dark, dull appearance can feel unnatural and unattractive. More importantly, mercury fillings can break down over time allowing harmful bacteria to enter underneath the filling causing tooth decay. Fortunately, Treasured Smiles Pediatric Dentistry performs mercury amalgam removal. We can replace dark, unstable fillings with a strong, more natural looking material.


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If your child has amalgam fillings that are worn, broken, or if there is decay beneath the filling, you should get their mercury fillings replaced. Visit one of our expert pediatric dentists at Treasured Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Frankfort, IL to discuss your child's options.  Simply call us at (815) 806-1600.

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