Whether you and your family have just moved to Lockport, IL, or you're having your first child, you need to find reliable children's dentistry. At Treasured Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, our dentists for kids, Dr. Steve and Dr. Dennis, focus on helping kids feel right at home at the dentist's office. We make oral health and education fun so that your child will have healthy teeth their whole life.

Our children's dentists have over 20 years of experience and along with the entire staff, they keep abreast of the latest dental advancements and technology. You'll also find that our staff is happy to assist with scheduling appointments, dealing with insurance, and figuring out financial arrangements. You can also ask anyone in the office about treatments or other dental concerns you have.

What Do Our Visits Look Like?

During your first visit, you and your child will be able to get to know Dr. Steve or Dr. Dennis and the staff. We'll perform a comprehensive examination which will include orthodontic growth status and an examination of the head and neck. Your child may also receive a teeth cleaning and fluoride treatment. If appropriate, we will take X-rays. This allows us to get a good idea of your child's oral health and we will use this knowledge during subsequent treatments to keep your child's teeth healthy.

Bring your child to get kids' dentistry in Lockport, IL, by scheduling an appointment. Call Treasured Smiles Pediatric Dentistry at 815-806-1600 today.

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