7 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry

7 Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry for Your Kids
Posted on 03/05/2021
Sedation Dentistry

Many children need sedation dentistry to best deal with a wide variety of dental issues that pop up during childhood. Still others need it for routine dental exams. Studies have shown that it is a safe solution to many problems that children may have with dental treatment. Consider these reasons you may want to choose sedation for your children during their next dental visit.

1. Low Threshold for Pain

Every child is special with different and unique needs. Some happen to have a low tolerance for pain, and that can make going to the dentist a big challenge. What might be just mild discomfort for one child could be severe for someone with a low threshold for pain. Sedation dentistry empowers kids with a low pain tolerance to receive any dental treatment.

2. Gag Reflex

Some children also experience a gag reflex when a dentist is performing treatments in the mouth. If their gag reflex is especially sensitive, the child could spend too much of a dentist appointment feeling like they are going to throw up or actually having to throw up. Sedation dentistry can relax the gag response, making it possible to treat the child without causing them to gag.

3. Impatience

Most adults remember how time could seem to go so slow during childhood. Some children may have issues with going to the dentist because it seems like it takes forever. Sedation can be an easy solution to children who struggle with the time it takes to clean their teeth or treat a dental problem. It will make the time pass very quickly. Before they know it, it will be time to go home.

4. Special Needs

Children who have special needs may not fully comprehend why they need to sit still for a dental exam. In this case, children can benefit from sedation dentistry. That can help prevent confusion and emotional tantrums and can help ensure that the child remains comfortable for each dental visit without associating the dentist's office with confusion and worry.

5. Multiple Dental Issues

If your children have multiple dental issues that need to be addressed in one dental visit, sedation dentistry can help them remain comfortable throughout an extended visit. Not only will this allow you to come to the dentist for fewer separate procedures, but it also empowers your kids to have healthier teeth and gums because important treatments won't need to be delayed.

6. Trouble Sitting Still

Some children are just restless by nature. Whether it's tied to an underlying condition or simply because they have an overabundance of energy, some kids struggle to sit still and cooperate with a dentist during the time it takes for a cleaning or treatment. Sedation dentistry can help these kids get successful treatment without discomfort and frustration.

7. Fear of Going to The Dentist

Whether due to a negative experience with a former dentist or simply fears from their imagination or stories they've heard, many children fear going to the dentist. The good news is that sedation dentistry can help any child deal with those fears. Sedation dentistry is available for fearful kids even if they are only going for a routine cleaning.

Knowing that they won't experience pain during the treatment process can help children embrace going to the dentist for their well-being. Also, after they have had a positive experience at the dentist's office where they are sedated during the treatment, they can build their confidence and let go of their fears of going back to the dentist in the future.

Finally, contact the caring team at Treasured Smiles Pediatric Dentistry with any questions or concerns you have about sedation dentistry for your children. Our dentists, dental hygienists, and other staff members are experienced with sedation dentistry. We can help you make an informed decision about the best dental choices for your kids' unique needs.

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