What You Should Know About CEREC

What You Should Know About CEREC
Posted on 04/20/2020
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If you have ever had crowns fitted in the time-honored traditional manner, then you may feel understandably reluctant to go through the process again. Crown design, fitting, and adjustment can result in discomfort, frustration, and an extended period in which you must wait for the crown's fabrication.

Fortunately, a newer procedure known as CEREC allows known as "Same-Day Crowns", allows you to sidestep these inconveniences. This procedure can give you the crown you need the same day that you have your mouth digitally scanned for a precise fit and on-site fabrication. Discover some key points to understand about CEREC and its benefits.

CEREC Allows for Easy, Precise Crown Planning

Traditional crown fittings begin with the insertion of a clay-like impression material into your mouth. This material must harden sufficiently to capture an impression of your current bite and tooth location. Even a slight inaccuracy in the impression may cause your permanent crowns to fit poorly and cause discomfort.

The CEREC process relies on digital scanning techniques instead of dental impressions, achieving the most precise possible image of your dental structure quickly and comfortably. A digital camera system takes multiple pictures of your mouth. A computer program then combines these pictures into a three-dimensional construct.

CEREC Eliminates the Need for Temporary Crowns

In traditional crown preparation, the impressions taken from your teeth must go to a dental laboratory, where technicians use them as the basis for fabricating your permanent crown. This process may take two weeks or more, depending on the laboratory's workload and location.

Patients who must wait for permanent crowns typically receive temporary crowns. These crowns, hand-tooled by the dentist to approximate your bite, often cause discomfort when chewing. Additionally, the weak resin and weak cement for permanent crowns may not withstand strong chewing forces.

With the CEREC process, you can skip the temporary crown stage entirely. The dentist simply feeds the scan of your mouth into the CEREC milling machine. This milling machine immediately and automatically fabricates a permanent crown from a solid block of ceramic.

As soon as the milling machine has completed the crown fabrication, the dentist removes it and fits it to the remainder of your natural tooth with strong dental adhesive, making any necessary final adjustments to ensure ideal results. The entire process takes place within a single dental appointment.

CEREC Gives You a Durable, Convincing Smile

CEREC crowns wear at least as well as other ceramic crowns made with traditional fabrication techniques. Research shows that 87.5 percent of CEREC restorations lasted for at least 27 years before requiring replacement.

Your CEREC crown should also enhance your smile naturally and convincingly. The dentist makes a point of matching the color of the ceramic to your own teeth as closely as possible. The precise shape and fit of a CEREC crown helps to ensure that it follows the natural height and alignment of surrounding teeth.

CEREC Can Create More Than Just Crowns

While many people associated CEREC strictly with the creation of same-day crowns, the technology can prove just as useful for the fitting and fabrication of other kinds of dental restorations. For instance, digital scanning and milling can produce veneers that fit perfectly and match your overall tooth color.

Dental implant patients also benefit greatly from the use of CEREC technology. Instead of undergoing the lengthy traditional routine of impressions, temporary crown placement, and waiting for the permanent crown, CEREC enables you to top your implant with a permanent crown much more quickly and easily.

If you like the idea of same-day crowns that offer state-of-the-art fit quality, durability, and attractiveness, Treasured Smiles Adult & Cosmetic Dentistry can provide them. Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment.

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