Top Habits That Ruin Your Child’s Beautiful Smile

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Cosmetic dentistry can clear teeth imperfections and improve a child’s smile. However, they may not need treatment if they avoid habits that can damage or discolor their teeth. Below are some habits for your kid to avoid.

Biting Hard Objects or Grinding and Clenching

Some children have a habit of biting on hard objects. For example, some regularly bite on pencils, ice, and their nails. Biting on hard objects can cause both gradual and sudden teeth damage. For example, their teeth can suffer tiny cracks or erode.

Such damage affects their smile in two main ways. For one, damaged enamel allows teeth to absorb discoloring substances easily. Secondly, biting on hard objects might leave a child with chipped or broken teeth.

Some children might clench their teeth when nervous or stressed. Some even do it unknowingly while asleep. Regular teeth clenching or grinding has similar effects to biting on hard objects.

Skipping Oral Hygiene Routines

Maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the best ways to maintain clean and beautiful teeth. Daily flossing and brushing twice daily are the basics of good oral hygiene. Additional measures include rinsing the mouth with plain water after snaking, especially acidic or colored snacks.

Here are some of the ways poor oral hygiene ruins a child’s smile:

  • Poor oral hygiene allows bacteria to thrive in your mouth. The accumulated bacteria cause plaque and tartar, which discolor teeth.
  • Poor oral hygiene allows acidic food to stay on teeth for an extended period, eroding and softening the enamel and making it susceptible to staining compounds.
  • Poor oral hygiene lets teeth absorb staining substances from colored food and drinks.
  • Poor oral hygiene increases a child’s risk of dental ailments, such as carries, which can deform teeth.

In short, a child might develop damaged teeth, loosen some teeth, or get teeth discoloration if they don't keep their mouth clean.

Overindulging in Acidic Foods or Aggressive Brushing

Tooth enamel, which strengthens and protects teeth, comprises different minerals. Acids from the foods and drinks a child has can dissolve these minerals and erode their teeth. Examples of such foods include sports drinks, juice, and soda. Aggressive brushing or using a hard-bristled toothbrush also erodes teeth.

Eroded teeth are susceptible to bacteria attacks, which can lead to dental cavities. Many children might feel self-conscious about smiling with cavities in their mouths.

Similarly, eroded teeth absorb colored substances easier than teeth with sound enamel. For example, a child who over-brushes their teeth and regularly eats berries is likelier to have discolored teeth than someone who doesn't over-brush.

Not Wearing a Mouthguard When Participating in Sports

Does your child like to interact in sports activities? Whether they like to participate in soccer, baseball, or football, these activities run the risk of tooth trauma. Therefore, a mouthguard is essential for your child to wear.

Otherwise, they might break off, crack, or chip a tooth, which sometimes isn’t fixable. Not only could your child have a permanently missing tooth, but a sports tooth injury could impact their health with an infection, jawbone intrusion, or needed root canal treatment.

Also, if they do have a mouthguard for sports, make sure it’s in the right position. That way, they have the best protection possible.

Ignoring Dental Issues

Some children might not notice or could ignore painless dental or oral problems. Unfortunately, ignoring dental problems doesn't make them go away. Also, ignoring such issues allows them to worsen, trigger complex conditions, and intensify their effects on children’s teeth.

If something has already ruined your child’s perfect teeth, contact Treasured Smiles Pediatric Dentistry for cosmetic dentistry diagnosis and treatment. We have several treatments to restore your child’s beautiful teeth.

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